Swansea Punk

Punk rock, post punk and new wave in the Swansea area-1977-1983

Dyfatty Flats

Quite a few years older than the punk bands and predating them by about a year while being inclining more towards the pub-rock style of Dr Feelgood etc, they were nevertheless an intregal part of the Swansea punk scene in the late 1970's.

Brian Tabnam and Stuart Miers first met when studying politics together at Swansea College in early 1976 and soon after started jamming together, They were joined shortly after by Alan Daniels and Kevin Jones and started building up a reportoire consisting mainly of New York Dolls, Stones, Stooges and Troggs songs before finally enrolling local ne'er- do -well Ray "Bunner" Jones as vocalist. Jones was one of the few who had seen the Sex Pistols in 1976 and, as a natural anarchist the arrival of punk gave him purpose

They aquired their name when Jones was asked the name of the group for an article, and, because the group were in the middle of a name-change, said the first thing that came into his head, which was Dyfatty Flats.

Despite the dubious misfortune of being named after a hi-rise block, they drew large audiences throughout their life span due in no small measure to Jones' frenetic performance as front man. They were overwhelmingly voted best group of 1978 in the local "street" magazine Alarm!, Unfortunately, an increasing taste for drink, drugs and thieving led to a stint in Swansea nick for Jones just when the band were at their most prolific. Therefore Graham Larkbey, the singer of Sleever took over as stand-in vocalist to keep the band ticking over while Jones served his time.

Following the break up of the band in 1980, Miers and Jones were the main songwriters for Page 3 (see Page 3/Living Legends page ). Jones left Swansea in the early 1980's.


Ray Jones has since written two books. His autobiography, "Drowning on Dry Land"( published by Bone) was released by Tangent Books in 2010 and is available from here ( and see review here ) and he also released a book of photographs centred around the Warwick Castle pub in Portobello Road, London called "3000 Hangovers Later: Photos of the Warwick Castle and Portobello in the 1980s " - available from Amazon amongst other places ( see review here )

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Dyfatty Flats recorded two sessions for Swansea Sound (1979 and 1980)

"Trouble on The North Bank" was later re-recorded by Bandwagon '85 and released on a Ray Jones compilation album, "Various - The Roughler presents the Warwick Sessions (vol 1 ) (from Roughler Records -Bunner1 ) discogs info here



Animal Walk

Born to Lose

Dont Call Me

Jet Boy

Trendy Wendy



Trouble On The North Bank

Rock And Roll Doctor


Animal Walk (2nd version)




Stuart Miers - guitar,

Alan Daniels - bass,

Ray Jones - vocals,

Kevin Jones - drums.

Previously: Graham larkbey - vocal stand-in, Brian (Tab) Tabram - bass.




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dyfatty flats

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drowning on dry land

3000 hangovers